July 13th to August 8th 2020

Welcome to our 5th edition of our Professional Tap Training in 2020. 

The 4-week tap dance training is aimed at ambitious amateurs, professional performers and dance teachers who want to deepen and professionalize their skills and knowledge in tap dancing. All tap dancers from a level of intermediate advanced and up, are invited to participate in this training program.

The intensive training imparts comprehensive and professional know-how in tap dancing, with a focus on technique, improvisation, creativity & composition and musicality. In all weeks we will be working with one or more musicians and develop a deeper understanding of movement, rhythm and music.

For 2020 we redesigned our training program. This time we will have 4 one-week long training sessions, each emphasizing on one main topic. The individual weeks build on each other in terms of content and result in a comprehensive training course. In contrast to earlier times, this year, in addition to the complete program, individual weeks can also be booked.

The complete program lasts 4 weeks and includes approx. 130+ hours of instruction, practice, training and coaching.

Professional Tap Training 2020 :

Week 1 July 13-18:
Strong fundamentals, advanced technique and rhythms in jazz tap

With Thomas Marek (tap) & Stefan Dahm (drummer)

In our first week we will focus on one of the most important and often ignored aspect of playing your instrument: Strong and solid fundamentals. These fundamentals include good mechanics, solid timing and a deeper rhythmical understanding of jazz music and tap dancing.

Without a good technical und musical foundation it’s very likely that you will sooner or later hit road blocks in your dancing that hinder you from truly expressing yourself or even establish a solid groove or dance in time.

In the words of pianist Eric Reed: “It’s all about the groove. You can have chops of lighting but if you don’t groove you will always be a broke ass circus clown”.

So let’s work on some strong technical and rhythmical fundamentals and start grooving.

Week 2 July 20-25:
Free Play / Improvisation in tap dance and jazz music

With Thomas Marek (tap) & Tilman Oberbeck (bass player)

Improvisation is the defining element of jazz music and a big part in tap dance. It’s also one of the great mysteries of how to develop the art of free play and unleash your full creative potential in the moment. Assuming you have a solid technical and musical foundation in your dancing, we will work on ideas, exercises and knowledge that will help you understand principles of improvisation and apply it to your dancing.
We will also work on the mental aspect of improvisation and how to overcome anxiety and mental roadblocks.

Week 3 July 27-August 1:
Creativity / How to develop ideas and bring them to life

With Thomas Marek (tap) & Tilman Oberbeck (bass player)

In our third  week we will cover the main issue of any creative artist. How to trigger creativity, develop material, conceptualize an idea and finally shape it into a choreography or composition. Together with bass player Tilman Overbeck we will work on techniques to get our creative juices flowing and overcome procrastination. We will discuss principles of composition and choreographic processes and and then apply those ideas to develop our own unique choreography.

Week 4 August 3-8:
Tap Dance & live Music / Playing and communicating with a band.

With Thomas Marek (tap) & Tilman Oberbeck (bass player), Stefan Dahm (drummer) & jazz trio

In our last week of the program everything is about music and playing together with a jazz trio or larger ensemble. Music is communication and nothing can be more challenging than being an integral part of a band as a tap dancer.
We discover how we can use our tap dancing as an instrument in a band setting and function within that setup.
We learn about interplay, musical forms, communication with musicians, structures, hierarchies and solos. We also work on different arrangement ideas that can be used working with a band.
Everyday we will work with different instrumentalists and the last two days with the whole band. In order to fully enjoy this class you should be comfortable improvising in tap.

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