Welcome to Footprints Summer Fest.
From July 10th to 12th, Studio Footprints hosts it’s third International Tap Dance Festival.

Featured Artists:

Sandra Kluge, Nikolai Kemeny, Cordula Decker,  Thomas Marek and Kurt Holzkämper (bass/music)

  • Friday July 12th: Welcome Party & Jam Session at Studio Footprints
  • Saturday July 13th: Full day of tap workshops & Performance by Sandra Kluge, Thomas Marek & Kurt Holzkämper
  • Sunday July 14th: Full day of tap workshops

Levels & Workshops:

All workshops are taught at Studio Footprints and Studio La Cajita. Both studios are in the same building and floor. Stresemannstraße 374 B, 22769 Hamburg.

We want students to have a great learning experience by studying with more than one artist. All tracks are taught by multiple teachers:

The beginner workshop is taught by Cordula Decker & Kurt Albert.

The Beginner Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced tracks are taught by:

Sandra Kluge, Nikolai Kemeny, Kurt Albert, Thomas Marek & Kurt Holzkämper on bass (with live music)

Levels are color coded so you can find them easily on the schedule below

  • Beginner: You have never tap danced before and this is your first lesson.
  • Beginner Intermediate: You have been tapping for 1 to 2 years.
  • Intermediate : 3-5 years of experience, good vocabulary of steps & musicality
  • Advanced / Pro: You have been dancing intensively for many years. You have a vast skill set in choreography, improvisation & music.

Schedule (July 10th-12th):

Friday July 10th, 19.00h 

Welcome party & tap jam at Studio Footprints. Join us for some drinks, music, live jazz and tap dancing. 
Meet old friends or make new ones at our opening party.

The beginner track consists of  four 75min units. All other levels of six 75min units.

Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th

Costs and Registration:

The cost for the beginner track is € 130.- (5h of classes)

The costs for the Beginner Intermediate, Intermediate & Advanced tracks are: € 199.- (7,5h of classes)
All prices include classes, tap jam, concert & Lecture Demo.

Early Bird Special: If you register before May 20th you will get a discount of 10%.

To register:
Send us an email with your selected level to : info@footprints-hamburg.de
and transfer payment for your selection to the following account.

Thomas Marek

IBAN: DE 74 20050550 1268 138482 BIC: HASPDEHHXXX

Cancellation policy: 
Cancellations made before June 10th 2020 will be refunded in full. No amount will be refunded for any form of cancellation after June 10th..

I acknowledge responsibility for my own health and safety, and understand that whilst the teaching staff will take all necessary precautions to ensure I am not hurt or injured during the program, my safety is ultimately my own responsibility.

I understand that by participating in this festival I will be engaging in physical activity in the form of dance practice, and in attending I am acknowledging that I am of an appropriate level of health to do so.

Featured Artists :

Sandra Kluge, tap percussionist/tap dancer, was born in Bremen and is now based in New York.
The tap shoes are her instrument. Sandra composes, produces, and performs original music which utilizes tap as the predominant percussive instrument.
She regularly performs her solo set, which connects tap percussion, vocals, keyboards, and live looping, in New York.
Her stage highlights include Thomas Marek’s show NOLA, the Tap Dance Days Festival at tanzhaus nrw, Swiss Tap Days, Düsseldorf Photo Weekend, Symphony Space, LaGuardia PAC, Basilica Hudson, and many more.

Sandra has been invited to teach at facilities such as tanzhaus nrw, tap club, and Soundspace Philadelphia and has been a Tap Dancer in Residence at Studio Footprints.
She also accompanies yoga classes and meditations with her own music, in which she creates relaxing and inspiring spheres with her tap shoes and sand.

Sandra is an alumna of the Art Omi Music Fellowship Program.
She learned her first tap steps at the age of 10 under the direction of her Mom. In the following years, she studied with tap greats such as Barbara Duffy, Sebastian Weber, Pia Neises, Derick Grant, Heather Cornell, and many more.
She also participated in Tap City’s Pre-Professional Program (once under Michelle Dorrance and once under Sarah Petronio) and graduated from Daniel Luka’s tap training program S.O.N.T.I.

Nikolay Kemeny studied with international tap dance masters and currently collaborates with a variety of jazz musicians, artists and dancers of various styles.
He has received the honor of performing “Duke Ellington’s First Concert Of Sacred Music” several times and is a regular guest on tours of the “Swing Machine Orchestra” from Madrid. Since 2017 he has been a member of the “Sebastian Weber Dance Company”, which present their contemporary, evening-filling stage productions internationally.
He is also seen in Daniel Luka’s “RESONANCE” in collaboration with the collective for audio-visual art “Xenorama” and is part of the crew “The Tapengers.”

On top, he tours internationally with Andrea Alvergue and their Tap & Jazz concert series “Blue Taps”. Nikolai has been teaching at festivals, dance institutes, academies, music schools and studios around the world for several years, passionately inspiring jazz and tap dance enthusiasts with his innovative, modern style of this unique art form.

Kurt Albert is one of the leading European Tap Dancers with 30 years of experience in international showbusiness.
He was fortunate to learn the art of American Rhythm Tap from authentic masters like Carnell Lyons (Kansas City, NYC, Berlin), Brenda Bufalino (NYC) and Buster Brown (NYC), who are his main influences. He also took workshops from Honi Coles, Cholly Atkins, Jimmy Slyde, Sarah Petronio, Steve Condos, Eddie Brown, Fred Kelly, Prince Spencer, Cookie Cook, Fay Ray and Leonard Reed.
He was a member of Brenda Bufalinos “International Tap Dance Orchestra”, and since 1990 he has regularly been sharing the stage with Carnell Lyons, Brenda Bufalino and Josh Hilberman.
For over thirty years he has been dancing with his partner Klaus Bleis in Germany’s best known tap duo “Tap and Tray” with international appearences in USA and throughout Europe.
Kurts credits include the New York City “Tap City” Festival (2001, 2003, 2006 und 2014), the Chicago Human Rhythm Project, the North Carolina Tap Festival, the Moscow “Tap Parade”, the Helsinki Tap Festival and the Rennes Tap Brezze Festival (France), the ARD TV Sportsgala, the “Jazzfestival on Sea”, “Rapsody in Taps” Los Angeles, the Toulon Jazz Festival and many performances in Jazz Clubs throughout Germany.

Currently he works in the Jazz Band “Melody Rhythm and Tap” with drummer Allen Blairman and saxophone player Olaf Schönborn.

Kurt Holzkämper studied jazz bass, music production and music education at the Würzburg Conservatory.
 He played with Frank Kimbrough and John King (NY), Meschiya Lake (New Orleans), Johannes Enders (D), Daniel “Topo” Gioia (Argentina), the Brazilians Edmundo Carneiro (Tania Maria), Don Pi (Djavan, Tim Maya), Luiz Brasil (Gil Gilberto, Caetano Veloso) and the Cubans Regis Molina (Till Brönner) and Olvido Ruiz Castellanos (Cuba Nova) as well as free improvisations with Fried Dähn.

Concert tours to Russia, the Ukraine, the USA and Nicaragua form an important basis for the versatility of his musical work.

After graduating from high school, Cordula Decker began a “foundation course” in theatre design at the Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in London. Meanwhile she took intensive jazz, tap dance and ballet lessons at Pineapple Studios London. She then completed her training as a stage actress at the Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama in Hamburg and graduated in 2001. She has appeared as an actress, singer and dancer at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg (“Clavigo” director: Jan Bosse / “Best of Schauspielhaus Gala” director: Tom Stromberg), at the St. Pauli Theater Hamburg (“The next step”) and at the Musikhochschule Hamburg (“Phi Phi”).
In 2003 Cordula received an additional qualification in dance pedagogy at the Iwanson School in Munich and has been working as a dance pedagogue in Hamburg since then, specialising in tap dance and jazz dance. Since 2006 she was part of the professional class of Thomas Marek and trains regularly with international tap dance stars like Brenda Bufalino, Josh Hilberman, Barbara Duffy, Lisa La Touche and Michelle Dorrance.

In June 2017 she produced her first Tap Show “Tap Im Park”, in the Schanzenzelt, Hamburg.

Since 2009 Cordula has been teaching regularly at Studio Footprints.

As a performer, choreographer and teacher, Thomas Marek has been combining traditional and modern forms of tap dance with contemporary musical and theatrical elements in his work for over 25 years. The masters he learned from and who have inspired him were and are the innovators of their art: Charles Honi Coles, Cholly Atkins, Chuck Green, Buster Brown, Jimmy Slyde and above all Brenda with whose American Tap Dance Orchestra he toured in Florida in the mid-nineties. 
Deeply rooted in jazz, Marek experiments with the possibilities of sound design, phrasing, touch and tone. He explores the space in which tap dancing moves, he shifts boundaries and discovers new forms of expression that tie in with the origins of tap and draw on its cultural context – revealing new stories.
Solo, as a duo with bass or piano or as a jazz quartet: The narrative in the abstract dance and musical form of tap is the driving force behind Marek’s art, especially in his large dance productions. Sold out theaters testify to Marek’s success in making the art of tap dance accessible to a wider audience with these productions, as well as musical reflections on cultural tradition and individual expression combining jazz, choreography and improvisation.

Thomas Marek’s goal as a teacher is to nurture musicality , as well as a strong technical foundation, in order to encourage his student’s personal expression and awaken their sense of creative development.